Low-Cost Energy Management Systems

We have developed a patented energy management system that makes it very easy to control, install, upgrade and importantly reduce energy costs with lighting, HVAC, and other high energy demand systems.

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Modern Energy Control Technology for Commercial Enterprises


Intelligent Controls

Our patented intelligent low-cost controls provide day light harvesting, occupancy detection and dimming for lighting, as well full HVAC and other custom automation controls.

Save Money

Our control system pays for itself in a short period and gives you continued lifetime savings. Utilities and local governments may even pay for the cost of installation or award bill credits.

Dim the Lights

Just dimming or scheduling your lights can save you over half of your electric bill. Our controls are retrofitted into existing systems whether incandescent, fluorescent, or even LED.

Retrofit Existing Systems

Our simple commercial automation control system can be retrofitted into existing wiring significantly reducing the cost of installation and wiring needed. Set it up once and it will run on its own.

OpenADR Certified

Soon all of our products will be fully OpenADR certified. We even took it a step further and got our software function certified so we can have a versatile control ecosystem.

Patent Protected

Our products contain exclusive unique lighting and control technology, such as NodeSync™, you won’t find anywhere else.

Simple Setup Interface

Access a simple control interface over LAN (local area network) to schedule your daylight harvesting and fine tune your energy savings.

Your in Good Company

We have some great customers and partners that are having great experiences and savings with us.
“Addressable lighting control systems like this one have a lot of potential for energy savings and carbon footprint reductions.” Over 500,000 kilowatt-hours, 45% power, saved.  Learn More Thomas Coughlin

Commercial Industrial Lighting Program Manager, National Grid

“The coaches like it. There are no dark areas, which you might expect with HID lighting. We achieved dollar savings and a better quality of light. I’m very satisfied.” Learn More Brian Nogueira

Supervisor of Buildings, Grounds, and Maintenance, Silver Lake Regional School District

Our system is fully certified to work with DEMAND Control Lighting (DCL) and DEMANDflex® ballasts from Universal Lighting Technologies.

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