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Each system is customized to fit your individual needs – only use the features you need.


Install one of our control servers and the sensors you want for the control experience you want.

Commission and initial setup

We work with you during the setup and installation to make sure you are getting the most energy savings.

Begin to save energy

E-Trac shows yours savings are and even compares them to previous time periods.


Monitor occupancy, motion, light levels, temperature, and humidity, energy consumption, and even messages from your utility to lower your energy needs and costs. The more sensors, the smarter your system becomes and increases energy savings.

Input Controls

We offer wall switches, analogue controls, and thermostats to give you a greater degree of control and flexibility to reduce your energy consumption and increase savings.

Start saving today with one of our products

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Example Wiring Diagram

Each Plimoth Bay Controls system can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. Click the image to enlarge it.

Admin Control Interface

Our easy to use interface allows you to customize your system. Schedule lighting or HVAC levels and gain insight into your energy consumption and savings.

Universal Lighting DCL Lighting Control

Our system is fully certified to work with DEMAND Control Lighting (DCL) and DEMANDflex® ballasts from Universal Lighting Technologies.


Start saving today with one of our products

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