Analog Output Light Dimming Module

Model: RD-010V


Perfect for Office Buildings, Warehouse Facilities, Schools, Health Care, Retail and countless others – This module gives analog ballast digital control.


  • Provides 0-10VDC Output compatible with most analog ballasts and LED drivers
  • May be Daisy-Chain” Connected
  • Up to 20 modules may be simultaneously connected using standard CAT-5 ethernet cable and connectors
  • Control analog dimming ballasts and line carrier dimming ballasts within the same control network
  • Must be used with Plimoth Bay Controls PBC-512 controllers
  • Lightweight construction allows for unsupported mounting to suspended ceiling systems
  • When used with photo sensors, module provides constant ambient light adjustment
  • May be compatibility with other analog input devices for VFD and HVAC applications


  • Addressable MODBUS analog output device
  • Control up to 20 analog ballasts/drivers
  • Uses standard Ethernet RJ-45 Connectors
  • “Daisy Chain” wiring for easy installation
  • DC Power Input 24 VDC
  • Mounts to standard single gang box or ring
  • May be used in conjunction with line carrier systems

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