DCL Control Interface

Model: PBC512-2SZ20


Increase the savings power and functionality of your Universal Lighting Technologies DCL® controls. Perfect for office buildings, warehouse facilities, schools, health care, retail and countless others – This system is fully configurable and programmable to suite your specific needs and satisfy your strict specifications.


  • Low cost web control server
  • Leverages unique energy saving opportunities utilizing Universal Lighting Technologies DCL Fluorescent Lighting Controls
  • Self-contained control without the need for additional operating software
  • Create your own building lighting automation system
  • Utilizing easy-to-use multi-function schedules
  • Allows participation with utility demand response programs
  • Controllers may be networked to allow for multiple demand response sites to be managed from one location
  • Enables “Occudimming” lighting energy management
  • Full WEB/Internet commissioning and operation
  • Configurable to operate with light level and occupancy sensors utilizing RJ-45 connectors


  • MODBUS with RJ-45 Connection Interface
  • Ethernet port 10Base-T, RJ-45, with link and activity indicators
  • Web Server providing standard HTML setupand operating screens
  • M-2-M compatibility via HTTP URL and XML
  • Real time clock w/5 year battery backup
  • Digital inputs to accommodate up to two sensors
  • “Daisy Chain” sensor wiring using RJ-45 connectors
  • DC power input 24 VDC
  • Front panel system status indicator
  • Compact ABS enclosure with wall mount adapter
  • Enclosure size 5.5” X 3.8” X 1.5”

Admin Control Interface

Our easy to use interface allows you to customize your system. Schedule lighting or HVAC levels and gain insight into your energy consumption and savings.

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