Plimoth Bay Controls Awarded Lighting Control Patent by USPTO

Plimoth Bay Controls Awarded Lighting Control Patent by USPTO

PLYMOUTH, MA – Plimoth Bay Controls was issued US Patent #8729834 B1 May 20th, 2014. The patent, titled “System and method for control of lighting systems” protects the company’s intellectual property of its unique method of controlling light fixtures.

The abstract of the patent is republished below:

Techniques disclosed herein include systems and methods for automated control of lighting systems. Such lighting system controllers can provide a range of control without requiring substantial programming, and that are compatible with existing, conventional, and new lighting systems. Such controllers include devices that can provide several features including network connectivity, a range of output levels, automated demand response control to manage electricity consumption, automated response to secondary sensor input (such as from photoreceptors and motion detectors), and generation of statistics showing power savings. A lighting controller polls a remote server or associated sensors to gather data relating to light output levels, determines to modify light output of corresponding light fixtures, and then transmits radio frequency signals over electrical power lines to light fixtures to modify light output.

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